Our Mission

The mission of Utah Youth Village is to provide excellence in improving the lives of struggling children along with parents and families. Utah Youth Village accomplishes its mission by serving troubled Utah foster children in five specialized Family Homes and over 50 specialized foster homes throughout Utah. In these homes children who have been subjected to often criminal abuse and neglect are protected from their abusers, nurtured and given proven therapy to overcome their difficult lives and learn how to be in the world. Children struggling with mental and emotional issues who are living in their own homes are helped through Families First, the Village's intensive in-home program that teaches essential parenting skills to parents in their own homes. Families First keeps children out of detention, foster care or psychiatric hospitals. Alpine Academy is Utah Youth Village's therapeutic boarding school for teenage girls from across the country. On its 32-acre campus in rural Utah 70 teenage girls attend Alpine Academy's award-winning school and receive intensive therapy so they can return home and live a productive life. Smarter Parenting is Utah Youth Village's parenting website where parents all over the world can have full access to the parenting skills used in all Village programs. Utah Youth Village uses the Teaching-Family Model, an evidence-based, trauma-informed method to affect change in children's behaviors. By adhering to this proven model and with support from the community, Utah Youth Village changes young lives.